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How does this work? I want to refill my phone.

H2O Wireless CDMA Refill Minutes On Sale Today!

Instantly refill your phone today! Buy discount H2O Wireless CDMA minutes and SAVE BIG!

We have a limited quantity of H2O Wireless CDMA inventory at these discount prices, so take advantage of our pay-as-you-go sale now!

H2O Wireless CDMA $29.99 Refill - 30 Days

Minutes500 minutes
Expiration30 days
Refill TypeRefill PIN
NoteFor H2O Wireless CDMA phone users only. This refill will not change your existing plan, and will only refill the matching plan. If you do not already have this plan, you must call H2O Wireless at 1-800-819-7696 to change your plan. Includes International calling to Mexico & 50+ countries. For GSM phone refills click here.

Reg: $29.99

On Sale!

Only $29.39

H2O Wireless CDMA | Rates, Features, and Information:

H2O Wireless CDMA Refills may be used to replenish minutes on your H2O Wireless CDMA phone. It will not replenish minutes on your GSM phone. A GSM phone is a phone which uses a SIM card. The SIM card, which stores your wireless account information, may be taken out and transferred to another GSM phone whenever you like. A CDMA phone does not have a removeable SIM card.

H2O Wireless CDMA (aka Oxygen Wireless, O2 Wireless, Locus O2, Locus H20, Locus Platinum, Locus Telecommunications) is making waves with its clean, clear communications and great low rates. In fact, it's the obvious choice when you want to call your friends from around the corner or around the world. With packages that reach up to 2,000 minutes, H2O Wireless has a plan that will fit your budget and lifestyle.

H2O Wireless CDMA Prepaid Minute Plans

CDMA Plan Options $100 = 2000 minutes for 120 days + International calling to Mexico & 50+ countries*
$50 = 832 minutes for 90 days + International calling to Mexico & 50+ countries*
$30 = 420 minutes for 60 days + International calling to Mexico & 50+ countries*
$20 = 220 minutes for 60 days + International calling to Mexico & 50+ countries*
$10 = 80 minutes for 30 days + International calling to Mexico & 50+ countries*

$39.99 = 800 minutes for 30 days + International calling to Mexico & 50+ countries*
$29.99 = 500 minutes for 30 days + International calling to Mexico & 50+ countries*

* Normal airtime rates apply.
*View International Calling Countries.

Additional H2O Wireless CDMA Information

International Long Distance To make international calls:
1. Dial Access Number - 1-562-252-0100 from your H2O Wireless CDMA phone.
2. When you hear a dial tone, dial 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number
*View International Calling Countries.
Off-Network Roaming 99¢ per minute
Text Messaging 10¢ per sent/received
411 Directory Assistance You pay $1.99 per call plus airtime for this service. In most cases, you can avoid high 411 Directory Assistance charges, by simply calling 1-800-FREE411.
Phone Compatibility H2O Wireless CDMA prepaid phones are compatible with H2O Wireless CDMA prepaid service.
FAQs Answers to H2O Wireless CDMA Frequently Asked Questions.
Customer Care Dial 1-800-819-7696 from any phone.

H2O Wireless CDMA Coverage Map

H2O Wireless CDMA operates on Verizon Wireless's prepaid nationwide & 3G network.
To check your ZIP Code visit the Verizon Wireless prepaid interactive coverage map.
H2O Wireless CDMA prepaid coverage map
This map is not a guarantee of coverage and contains areas with no service, and is a general prediction of where rates and coverage apply. The coverage information contained in this document was compiled from a reliable source; however, the data may be subject to errors and omissions. The information is based on assumptions and predictions that are not binding and may change from time to time without notice. Wireless service is subject to network and transmission limitations, including cell site unavailability, particularly near boundaries and in remote areas. End User's equipment, weather, topography and other environmental considerations also affect service and service may vary significantly within buildings. With "all-digital" devices the End User can only make and receive calls when digital service is available. When digital service is not available, the device will not operate or be able to make 911 calls.

Copyright and Trademark Info

H2O Wireless CDMA logos and marks are displayed solely for the purpose of describing the refill and replenishment products that we sell. These logos and marks are registered trademarks of H2O Wireless CDMA.

How to refill your phone after purchase:

Refill Instructions | H2O Wireless CDMA

From any phone Call 1-800-819-7696 and follow the instructions.
Activate new service Just dial 1-800-819-7696 and follow the automated prompts or activate online.
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